About Remedy View

Cloud-based radiology

Welcome to Remedy View™, a popular online platform used by independent board-certified veterinary radiologists (ACVR Diplomates) to read and report on patient cases from anywhere online. Remedy View is the fastest and easiest way for veterinary clinics and hospitals to send digital radiographs or other images and link them to report requests for reading by your radiologists. The only requirement is your existing digital imaging equipment (such as an acquisition station and/or PACS), and broadband internet access to allow sending of studies online.

Use in any DICOM / PACS / RIS environment

With Remedy View, clinics simply use their own equipment or software to send a study for a case you want your radiologist to read, and then use the Remedy View web program to create a report which will link to the sent image study online. The radiologist can then quickly find and read the full-resolution images and complete the report. You will be notified by email and can print, copy or output electronic copies of any reports from the Remedy View list. Finished reports are always available online, and can be saved in PDF format for portability.

Unique features

DICOM Connect™
Links images to reports when created. This verifies images were transmitted, and automates the display of images on radiologists workstations.
Workstation integration
Radiologists can work more quickly with the DICOM Connect feature on their Windows or MAC computer. Studies are opened automatically from the Remedy View report list when reading a case. Diagnostic workstation software programs supported include eFilm, Radiant and Clear Canvas for Windows, and OsiriX and Horos for MAC.
Addendum feature
Clinics can follow-up on a finished report without creating a new case. This allows for further questions or information about additional images.

For more information and to inquire about available independent radiologists using Remedy View, contact:
408-465-9003 (call or text)